Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dreams Being Fullfilled

I have heard several teachings lately about my destiny and purpose. Am I walking in and using giftings that God has placed in me? If not, why?

God has given each one of us dreams and a gifts within us to fullfill. Not for our benefit really, but for His benefit. For His Kingdom's purposes. Each one of us walk in a sphere of influance in our job, career, and our everyday life that we can affect for Him. Our finances are not for our benefit ulitmatly it's for the Kingdom's purposes.

The word talks in Matt. about seeking first the kingdom of God and ALL these THINGS will be added unto you. The all these things part has to do with your food, your clothing, your needs. If we are seeking after His kingdom, His purpose for our lives then He takes care of all of our needs.

I have many dreams that I know the Lord has placed with in me. I know that I have talents that are to be used for His glory. Right now I feel like I am on the outside looking in at the things that God has for me. I am not walking in those purposes. Some because of things that have happened in life and some because of choices I made that turned my focus in a different direction.

Now, I'm determined, with His help, to see the dreams that He placed in ME fullfilled. I know that He can accomplish it even if it seems like a mountain. I have to let Him direct me and move me to where He wants me to go..for doors to open quickly.

I am sharing all this, because I know that there are people who may be sitting in the same place. You feel like you are on the outside looking in, wondering how will I get these dreams accomplished. Put your trust in the Lord to lead you. Set aside your agenda and allow God to move and open the doors of opportunity for you that you may have thought would be impossible. God placed a dream, a talent, a gift, a career in you before you were even thought of on this earth. He has a purpose for you in that field. Allow Him to move you to complete what He started and expect it to happen quickly!