Friday, July 17, 2009

It's been busy around here....

So, it's been a bit crazy around the Greer house for the past week or so. Faith had that high fever due to a UTI of all things! She's getting better and on meds so hopefully this whinney attituted will end soon and she'll be back to her sweet disposition.

In the midst of this John's bike was totaled by the person who was going to be buying it at the end of this month.

Praise God that they were not hurt to badly and for insurace that is wonderful. If you are looking to change Progressive is great! The bike was a total losee so they paid off the bike for us.

Today we found out somene from our church died in a car accident Thursday night. She's the mother to a close friend of John's. Denise was a wonderful, sweet lady who served the babys at Spirit of Life in the nursery. She will be missed by her son and many others. Praise the Lord she's in heaven now. Please pray for her family who remains as this has been very difficult.

My sweet 15mon. old has kept me busy today as well. She's walking better and more now which means she's getting into more!! Wow is she a busy little girl and can make quite a mess of toys on her own!