Sunday, January 10, 2010


It's a new year and a fresh new start! I am very glad for 2009 to be over. It brought many challenges and rewards, but I am looking forward to the fresh newness in 2010. New focus, new resolve, renewed fire and passion for God and His heart.

We already have new life coming in July and we are so very excited about this little one's arrival. We'll be moving this spring as well we are in need a bigger place!!! In February we will find out if this little on is a boy or girl. We are praying for our son to come this time! I'm ready for a mommy's boy!!!!

I think most of all this year I'm looking forward to what God is doing. There is so much that's already happening in our lives. We have been blessed greatly thank you Lord! John is seeing increase in his work and there is more on the horizon. We've seen God's hand move in others lives that we've been praying for and that's a great blessing to us as well if not the greatest of all.

I was reading in 1,2,3 John for a while and the Lord was speaking to me about love.  John  and I started the Love Dare devotional this year. It's all about LOVE once again. God is calling us to love as He loves. Not only love others in the body of Christ, but love HIS people - those who are lost and in need of Him. It is time that the body of Christ wake up and stop thinking about ourselves and get on board with what is on God's heart.

I am guilty of it...we all are. Being consumed with what is happening in our own lives, our own problems and even our successes. But as Christians we should be focused on others in the body and those around us who may not have the hope and promise of Jesus Christ the redeemer and savior of our sins. 

What are you looking forward to in 2010? Where is your focus? What is on your heart?

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