Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Simple thoughts...

Well, I haven't blogged in a bit. I still want to use wordpress, but I'm still getting it set up.

I've been thinking about how our actions represent Christ or how they can represent the world. Calling yourself a Christian doesn't work if you aren't Christ-like. Who are you representing?

God requires something of us. We can't just sit back and say that we are a Christian and then go out and do w
hatever we please. There is a standard that we (I) live by and that is the word -- values that we should uphold and teach our children.

Raising children to be Christ-like and to step up to a higher standard than what they see everywhere else is a challenge. It's even a challenge as an adult to say NO to a particular movie or tv show that's popular because of the content of it.
But I think about what I want my children to do...they follow after me...what do I want them following? As my oldest gets older I'm reminded every day that she learns from me - ALL the time! I'm becoming more and more aware of what I say and do. Then again I should already be like that as God watches what I do all the time.

We've been talking about the Holy Spirit and Pentecost, as it's coming up this Sunday. My 4yr old is still getting the concept that the Holy Spirit is apart of God, but she knows that Jesus sent the Holy Spirit and that the Holy Spirit wants to live in us just as Jesus lives in our hearts.
It's the Holy Spirit that helps lead us in the right path - that little tug that keeps you from doing something you shouldn't do and repent when you do mess up.

Do you need a filling of the Holy Spirit? We all need a refilling of the power of the Holy Ghost! We need it now more than ever to stand for the truth and to go out with boldness and share the goodness of God.

As my 4yr old says God loves us and Jesus died on the cross....can it get more simpler than that?

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