Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I've been pondering the story of my sweet Faith. Faith is a testimony of Faith and the goodness of God. She's a blessing beyond belief!

Faith came into our lives October 15th, 2006 a miracle from God. The day I found out I was pregnant only because I had a dream that I was VERY pregnant. I woke up from that dream knowing it was very real. I was home from church that day because Rebekah was sick. So I got up and took a test - POSITIVE. I began to pray for my husband. Rebekah wasn't even 1 yrs
old yet! I prayed that God would tell my husband now. And then I prayed over this baby that God had given us as I was bleeding.

That evening after Rebekah was in bed I sat down with my dear husband wanting to tell him. I was smiling at him...and I said I needed to tell you something. He guessed it! And
then said that he knew the other day when he put his hand on my stomach! Now if that's not God I don't know what it is!
So we prayed for the baby together because I was bl
eeding and planned to get into our OB in the morning.

Monday in to the OB right away. Actually her assistant the nurse practitioner. Told them what was going on and she checked me and said by this much bleeding you are most likely having a miscarriage. They had all of the blood drawn for the tests and told me they would call me and let me know the results and then I would come back in a week and do the tests again to make sure the hcg count was dropping.

I called my pastors and asked for prayer. There were 5 women that prayed that night for this baby. And in that time as I found out later they said that there was such a presence of God that they knew it was tak
en care of.
My bleeding stopped that evening. Then it came back a little
bit over the next few days.

I started researching the h
ormone levels and what pregnancy test read at was levels. So I bought a test to take on Friday of that week. Wednesday night I went to church and was encourage by a woman who walked through several miscarriages. She said hang on till they say it's no have to believe and hold on to God's word...don't give up.

Friday I took a tests. Negative

Second test - Negative


I said to God...okay it's over...let me grieve and be done with this. I sat before the Lord and wanted to g
rieve the loss of my child... but I couldn't.....what I saw was telling me it was over, but something in me wouldn't let me grieve and I didn't understand it at that time.

Monday I took the blood test again and the nurse just walked me through what to expect and just encouraged me. She was very sweet.

Tuesday...getting out of the shower and the phone rings. The same nurse I talked to yesterday calls me and wants to know what's been happening this past week. I was confused..she just talked to me yesterday and knew everything, but I tell her anyway.

Then she states "Your counts are through the roof y
ou need to come in right away so we can find out what's going on."


I couldn't believe it...

My baby was alive...

I called my husband to get there to the office right away. We had an ultrasound...and there she was!!! The doctors couldn't believe it...but I could and testified to what God did to them. It was a miracle!

At that time we obviously didn't know she
was a SHE...we were wanting a boy...but God had something else in mind.

Faith - we walk by Faith NOT by SITE! Faith is the
the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. Heb. 11:1

God answered the prayers of many and our Faith was born!

There is just something special about our Faith...and I think it's because she knows her name. God knew her before she was in my womb and she knows who she is in Christ. She has a way about her to do things at times that you know it's by the Spirit. She's FAITH and she brings faith to those who need a lift to believe God for what they don't see. Even I needed to be reminded to believe God even when things don't look good.

Photos by: Beanstalk Photography and Focus Photography

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