Monday, August 3, 2009

Defining Moments

I have been in a contemplative state lately. Just thinking about my life - the journey that I have been on and what God has done in my life so far and what I expect in the future.

I have to say that I have had many defining moments in my life. Choices I made or things that have happened to me that have helped bring and shape me to what I am now. I am wondering what defining moments are ahead of me in the next 10 yrs.

I can look back and see God's hand upon my life as a kid. Moving from Nebraska - a small small town - to Arkansas where it was like I was in a BIG city (but really wasn't) then to Tennessee the BIG Little city of Nashville. I was really quite mad at my dad for each of the moves I have to admit. In fact I wrote the president of the district and told him about how upset I was among many things.


Then there are the wonderful choices I made and things that happened to me as a teen-ager. WOW did God protect me so many times!!! And as I grew and changed He began to prick my heart drawing me more and more. I grew up in church. Being a PK has it's good and bad. But I didn't have a true relationship with the Lord. It was religion.

I began searching because I knew that there had to be more to God than what I knew and was being taught. And I found the unlikely places...worshiping with a bunch of other college students I was introduced to the power of the Holy Spirit and the awesomeness that is GOD.
I will never forget that defining moment. It changed me! It changed my walk with God. I went seeking and I found HIM!!!

In finding Him in this new way I was then pointed to Spirit of Life Church...another defining and God moment! I knew it was home from the first time I came to a service. I have gained another family at Spirit of Life and I'm so grateful for them. I met my now husband there as well...doesn't get any better than that!!!

Defining moments - there are many that I haven't even touched on. Each of us have defining moments...sometimes it comes from a choice we have to make. I want to make the choices that God has for me and not what I want to do. I want God to define my life and for the defining moments in my life to be God moments.

Being Defined by GOD.

Being Refined by God.

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