Thursday, August 27, 2009


The recent events in my life brought an unexpected curve in the journey. I didn't see this coming at all. Although I had two people ask me if I was pregnant in July and that made me wonder...but I wasn't pregnant then.

I can not say that walking this road the past few weeks has been just a smooth jaunt. It's been a little bumpy. But the bumps weren't something that should have been there they were bumps that I made by fear and doubt.

Something that God has been speaking to me and John about is negativity. Negative thinking. Negative speach. Anything that goes against the word of God and what He says is negative. Now I know that circumstances in this world may say something that is contrary to God's word and promises for us, that's where we say BUT God says ____________. It's important to not let negative thinking and speach to control me.

God says that we will do greater things that Jesus did. That means that in this world we should expect to walk in the awesome power that Jesus walked in. I dare to believe God and take Him at his word. He says he Honors His word even above HIS NAME!! Now come on...HIS NAME that is huge! He told Moses that he was I AM. He is everything that we have need of. I say I need a miracle in my finances-He says I AM JEOVAH JIRAH the Lord is My provider.

I have been at this place where I am realizing that so much of what we say determins what happens. If I believe in the Almighty that is I AM then I should be walking as His daughter full of His power. To get that power requires something. It requires my time in His prensnce. Being filled with His word so that when satan comes to tempt me I will know what to say. I know that satan will come just as he came at Jesus. But Jesus had the response - the Word. That is what I have to repond with...not what I feel or think.

Being told that I am losing this little one has faced me with this very thing. Saying what God says or getting down and negative about the report that man says. Now the nurse said to me that I've already blown her away! They expected my counts to drop when I lost those 5pt over that one weekend. But it came back and doubled in 72 hrs and has continued to rise. I'm expecting it to rise even higher by my next visit.

What is God dealing with you right now? What challenge are you facing that seems to be so big?
Remember that God is bigger than any circumstance and that He is in control we just have to stay in His prensence and allow I AM to speak and move in our lives.