Saturday, August 15, 2009

Pregnancy update and other news

Well, the news is we are waiting. I went in Thursday last week and had blood drawn for HCG levels. It came back at 80 so we are testing again on Monday so I will know more on Tuesday. Thankfully the bleeding has stopped (again) and hasn't come back as of today.


In other news...we went to Chuck E Cheese today with the girls. It was Faith's first time really and she had a blast!! They took many pictures with Chuck in the little car and played a lot of games (with Mommy and Daddy's help of course). We won over 300 tickets and they got their prizes and were thrilled!

Elizabeth threw up in the middle of Baby's R Us..lots of fun there. And then threw up all over me in the van. YUCK! I'm glad that my nose isn't sensitive yet!

Football is on and my girls are playing basketball...hmmm...well not really. Baths are all done and soon it's bed time!

Hope you have had a wonderful weekend! God bless!