Tuesday, September 1, 2009

He Is In Control

Thank you all so much for your prayers for this pregnancy. I know that God has heard them and continues to move on behalf of this baby. He is the one that creates life. He only can open the womb (naturally). I trust Him to take care of this life and believe what the word says.
I have been praying the word over this baby, that I will not cast my seed before its time and He knew this child even before it was in my womb and he has a destiny for this child to fulfill.

My counts are rising, but not "normally". My wonderful OB is concerned about the development status and I will be getting blood drawn again on Thursday with results Friday morning and then an ultrasound scheduled at 12:15pm. My hcg counts should be at a level that we can see something by ultrasound. Once we do then hcg testing will stop and ultrasounds will be done to check the development.

I'm trusting God and know that He is in control and has the final say. I believe His word and it's what I am praying. Jer 1:5 which I mentioned above - He knew this baby before it was in my womb and he has set it apart a a prophet to the nations. I know that God has a destiny and purpose for this baby and I'm believing for that destiny to be fulfilled in a full and prosperous life.